Quick Krystalak update.


Bio: A creature created from the crystals buried deep underground, he can shoot crystals out from his back, or shoot them right out of his mouth in a straight beam, he can also create a necular “heart attack”, Crystal overload as I call it, to attack every enemy in a 500 foot range.




7 new monsters.

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Remember when I said there were only 7 TomZilla storys left? Ever one will have its own main monster, I am revealing the first one now.

Here is three sides of Krystalak, Front, Side, and Back.



I am starting the TomZilla storys up again.

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yeah sure, It may take weeks for some one to finnaly see this post but, I am making 7 other TomZilla storys.

After that, don’t expect me to make anymore.

The first one will be a remake of TomZilla 2.

Thats all I can tell you.